At Space2BHeard we have the privilege of working with many individuals who allow us in to their world and share with us how they are feeling and often are brave enough to let us see some of their darkest moments.

Everyone has a different story to tell, and most often people tell us that they just want to feel better. We cannot always promise this and we cannot always tell someone how their therapy will work for them.

So when one of our recent patients gifted this poem to us, we thought we would share it with you. The poem offers the reader a way of understanding the therapy journey in a way that we can really relate to. It’s a beautiful piece of work, and we were very grateful to receive it.


Written by: Sarah Edmond

Dark clouds, storms raging,

Like the dark thoughts inside my head.

Strong hurricanes rotating, like too many thoughts swirling inside my head.

Someone please help me understand what’s happening inside my head.

Heavy rain rolling down the windowpanes, like the tears streaming down my tear stained face.

Ice cold and snow numbing, like no emotions and feelings inside of me.

Someone please help me understand what’s happening inside my head.

My weatherman came along, we talked about dark clouds, hurricanes, rains, ice coldness and snow all inside my head.

My weatherman taught me tools and techniques to help me with changing weathers inside my head.

I now use these tools and techniques my weatherman taught me; I now have some better days seeing sunshine in the skies so blue.

I know I may have some stormy, dark cloud, hurricane, rainy, ice cold and snowy days along the way.

Again, I will use what my weatherman taught me using these tools and techniques, knowing I will see more and more sunshine in the sky so blue.

We hope you find some hope and meaning in it too.


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