You know we love to spread the word about the amazing benefits of the community supporting our work. How involving local businesses, charities, sports, and social clubs can help immensely in promoting our services and awareness of mental health and wellbeing. And we wrote about the support we have from a local golf club in our previous article.

Well, I’m excited to tell you about another fabulous opportunity we took a tight hold of! We recently had the great pleasure of organising and hosting a wellbeing event in Beverley for leaders in the Voluntary, Community and Social enterprise sector.

It was all about wellbeing and being well

The Space2B Heard team in front of the Space2BHeard stand.

At the end of April, we took up an invitation to partner with @The HEY Smile Foundation and public health to offer a Wellbeing Morning, where we were able to present and promote our specialist knowledge, expertise, and services.

Along with various charities, health and wellbeing groups, and public health representatives, the event raised awareness of other avenues for guidance and professional services for those in need of mental health and wellbeing support. And allowed us to shine our light on Space2BHeard as an expert counselling, psychotherapy, and wellbeing organisation to signpost them towards. 

The wellbeing event brought together leaders and managers from various volunteer teams from Hull and the East Riding, who have given so much to others during the pandemic. Clearly, a difficult time for all involved. And we were astonished to learn that the Foundation has provided over 24,000 hours of voluntary service since December 2020.

Quite rightly then, this was the perfect time for these volunteer teams from local charities and community groups to meet up face to face, for some much-needed self-care, and to focus on their own wellbeing too.

Cake was obviously involved (doesn’t every great event involve cake?!) with thanks to Sugar and Spice, Cottingham. And amongst those who enjoyed the whole morning were Sarah Oliver, Adam Gibson, and Mel McKee (East Riding Public Health); East Riding Library; East Riding Health and Wellbeing Team, Healthy Lifestyles, and Emotional Wellbeing (Fifa Clarke); HEY MIND; Fit Mums and Friends (Beverley branch); and from the Beverley ‘all for one choir’. It was truly inspiring to see just how wide an audience the mental health awareness message is reaching, and how all of these organisations are involved in supporting our community’s wellbeing.

Nick Middleton, Head of Community Development, was there to introduce the day, highlighting the value of the work carried out by the volunteers. And recognised the importance of them remembering their own welfare, reducing stress and anxiety, giving them resources, hints, tips, and information about our mental health and wellbeing services within the community here at Space2BHeard.      

As an advocate for all things connecting body and mind, Space2BHeard also provided wellbeing packs to the attendees. These included a journal, water bottle, protein balls, self-help resources, and free gym, swim, and fitness classes at East Riding Leisure Centres.

I think you’ll agree that these volunteers and associates are well and truly deserving of a little bit of attention on themselves. And the whole event served as a stark reminder of the effects on our mental health and physical wellbeing that the pandemic has left us with.

The Impact of Covid on Mental Health and Wellbeing

Support for the East Riding communities throughout the pandemic, thanks to The Hey Smile Foundation, has been crucial. Not just in ensuring health and wellbeing. The volunteers also played a vital role in assisting the NHS on the front line by helping roll out the Covid Booster Vaccine Programme and Lateral Flow Testing Programme in Hull.

But, here at Space2BHeard, we have also seen the rising numbers of people now being affected by the social changes brought about by the pandemic, and the increasing cases and effects of Long Covid.

I am delighted, then, to say that we were represented by Suzy Bunton, one of our very own Re-Mind Clinicians, who delivered the Self-Care and Wellbeing Workshop.

The Re-Mind Programme – “Connecting Mind and Body”

Our Re-Mind service is a specialist integrative and holistic service provided through qualified and extremely experienced clinicians, for clients needing help coping with long-term conditions, pain and/or fatigue symptoms. Various techniques are used to bring the most effective outcome for each client, whether this is in a group environment or on a one-to-one basis.

We firmly believe every individual’s experience of conditions such as Fibromyalgia, ME, MS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Long Covid, is different. So, we place a strong emphasis on bespoke programmes emphasising the mind and body connection. As a result of this, Re-Mind also helps to manage anxiety and depression caused by these physical symptoms.

In fact, 70% of our clients who have completed the full Re-Mind Programme state they have recovered from the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Visit our Re-Mind page to find out more detailed information about the wider programme and connections with the Long-Term Conditions Service, Yoga4Health, and our associated Be Well – Your Way specialist programme.

These are just some of the services we are fortunate to be able to collaborate with, in order to promote wellbeing in the community. Of course, wellbeing in the workplace is another key focus. One for which we are grateful to be seeing an increase in awareness, and demand to deliver our knowledge and expertise to the corporate environment.

Workforce Wellbeing

We know the importance of mental health and wellbeing amongst your workforce.

Local employers, organisations, and businesses, regardless of size, are impacted by absenteeism as a result of mental health issues. And we know this affects not only the individual, but also the employer and other staff too. In the busy work environment, it’s not always easy to spot if someone is suffering, or where to signpost them to, without the knowledge and experience that only experts can provide.

So, Space2BHeard offers a variety of Workforce Wellbeing products. These are available to purchase as seen, or they can be tailored further to suit your individual organisation’s needs. From one to one sessions, and training for dedicated staff to become your company’s Mental Health Champions, to a bespoke Wellbeing Event or Leadership Workshops. These are the ideal opportunity to show your workforce just how much you value your own and their mental health and wellbeing.

Do You Want to Know More About Working With Space2BHeard?

We are always grateful for any opportunity to collaborate with local businesses, organisations, and charities. 

It is a great way of raising mental health and wellbeing awareness within our community.

So, if wellbeing is as important to you as it is to us, you can do something more! If you are interested in working with Space2BHeard, or would like to know more about our mental health and wellbeing services, and how we could partner with you, contact us for a friendly chat.  Email me, Director of Health and Wellbeing – Gemma Wardell, at

 We would love to hear how we can help make a positive difference in the wellbeing of more of our community members.