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About Me

I am invested in people and helping others to reach their potential.

I believe that engaging in therapy can be life changing, which is why it is so important to establish a safe and secure therapeutic relationship which enables you to discover your sense of self, and become the first building block for whatever change you wish to create.

I am committed to my investment in my clients and can offer a safe, secure and comfortable environment providing space to explore your thoughts, feelings and behaviours without fear of being judged.

Transactional Analysis underpins all of my work and I am a firm believer of “I’m OK, You’re OK”.

My experience to date includes working with survivors of childhood sexual abuse, where I have worked in a voluntary therapeutic setting, working in private practice and managing and working for the Valued Minds Counselling and Psychotherapy Service.

I have worked in a Sexual Assault Referral Centre, supporting female survivors of recent sexual assault and have extensive experience of working within a uniformed service and the public sector, experiencing at first hand the stress and anxiety that can develop within the culture of these settings.

My experience to date enables me to feel comfortable working with a range of complexities including personality disorders.

I enjoy working with adult individuals, couples and organisations.

I offer TA, Relational and Person Centred Therapy


Areas I work with

Addiction, self-harm and eating disorders, Anxiety, depression and trauma, Low self esteem, Health related issues, Abuse, Identity, culture and spirituality, Relationships, family and children, Stress and work


My Charges

I charge from: £40 for individuals or £55 for Couples

My Hours

Flexible Monday to Saturday