The Memorandum of Understanding between S2BH and ECPT describes our intention to work closely together for the benefit of both partners and their stakeholders.

It is an agreement voluntarily entered into to derive benefit and is not legally binding.

It covers areas of business need and strategic development that are of mutual interest. It is anticipated that the partnership will bring about the following benefits for each partner.

Benefits for S2BH

  • Affiliation with established business with shared values and a good reputation
  • Business development support
  • Access to pooled expertise
  • Consultation and supervision
  • Opportunity for collaboration
  • Cost savings on office and therapy space
  • Access to CPD programme and bespoke training
  • Access to trainees and affiliated therapist workforce

Benefits for ECPT

  • Access to high quality and supportive trainee placements
  • Affiliation with growing business and building reputation
  • Access to pooled expertise
  • Opportunities for collaboration
  • More stable room rentals and cashflow

Within the agreement we seek to

  • Create mutual understanding of the strategy and business needs of both organisations
  • Identify synergies between partners that provide mutual benefit
  • Look for alternative, mutually beneficial strategies where proposed unilateral strategies could be disadvantageous to either partner.

Partnership activity is described, reviewed and evaluated bi-annually by the board.

Unless terminated, the partnership will continue for a period of 36 months and will not be automatically renewed. Further continuation will depend on whether the partnership has delivered on its objectives and only if a renewed agreement aligns with the strategies and objectives of both partners.

The agreement can be terminated at any time by either partner with 30-day’s notice.

All financial arrangements under the partnership will be visible, fair and competitive. The partnership steering board will review these arrangements biannually.

All stakeholders are invited to comment on the nature and the value of the partnership and suggestions regarding partnership activities that could benefit stakeholders are always welcome.