• 100% strongly agreed that the partnership feels important, is evolving in a positive way and trust the partnership to deliver benefits to both parties
  • Items strongly endorsed overall but slight uncertainty regarding the sharing of values, common goals, individual commitments to the partnership and the effectiveness of solving differences/problems in the partnership.


S2BH values/needs from ECPT


Skills and experience

Experience and talent

To source qualified clinicians

Access to suitably skilled workforce

A high-quality workforce

Access to highly trained, suitably experienced and qualified Clinicians

Team expertise, skill base and valued relationships



Quality supervision for the leadership team/ loss of meaningful relationships

Senior clinical and service-led experience

Personal guidance and support

Relevant Supervision and supportive overview



Access to training

Significant Training opportunities

Gap in meeting the needs for training and CPD of clinicians

Reduced CPD and advanced training opportunities

Supporting clinicians with CPD


Therapy space


Therapy space

Estate provisions



Ellesmere Values/Needs from S2BH.

Theory/training/practice link and placement opportunities

Having a service business to appeal to trainees workwise

Placement opportunities

Career development for students

Work for trainee’s either paid or placement would not be readily available, this may affect take up of places on future Psych/counselling training courses

Loss of joined up theory-practice, student placements and career development opportunities


Use of services and source of income

Use of space in buildings

Rental and service income

Uptake of room hire

Room rental fees

Uptake of training


Opportunities for growth

External Growth

Potential for growth which comes via partnership projects


Skills and experience

Employment Resource

Dynamic, fresh and innovative team of creaters and do-ers

Meaningful relationships

Important and beneficial relationships built over time.

Capacity for service provision

Ethos of inclusion may be less as this is met often by services offered as part of partnership.

How to Improve

  • A more joined up communication between ECPT/S2BH staff (not directors)
  • Shared resources i.e. marketing, admin functions?
  • Increased time together as a team External observation to offer us guidance and areas for improvement
  • Ensure all service users and stakeholders of ECPT and S2BH are aware of the partnership
  • Firm up S2BH Strategic Plan and Workforce Development Plan to link-in to partnership goals
  • Enhanced communication, some kind of monthly mail shot that goes both ways that we can share between each other, staff, self- employed clinicians, stakeholders and any other partners with an interest. This would update everyone on what people are working on and ensure transparency for each organisation to their users.
  • More frequent partnership meetings clear role structure
  • I would like a fuller understanding of the partnership and a fuller understanding of my role within that. I feel extending this out to others involved in both businesses would be helpful to ensure all parties are aware of partnership, expectations and relationships.
  • increase communication, make what is implicit in the partnership explicit and owned with joined up strategic planning and development.
  • Grow the idea of the partnership being a coherent whole. The answer to ‘where do you work?’ would be, ‘I work within the S2BH/ECPT partnership’.