1. Purpose

The purpose of this MoU is to outline how ECPT and S2BH CIC will work together to maximise the benefits from our mutual interests in providing counselling, psychotherapy and well-being services, education, training or expertise for the benefit of people in Hull and East Yorkshire.

  • This MoU is not legally binding.
  • This MoU can be amended only in writing and subject to agreement by both ECPT and S2BH CIC.
  1. Scope

The scope of this MoU covers business development of mutual interest to ECPT and S2BH CIC and the associated strategies and business needs.

  1. Expectations and Benefits

Under the terms of this memorandum of understanding S2BH CIC will benefit from:

  • Affiliation with ECPT’s longstanding reputation for excellence in the field of Psychotherapy and Training
  • Access to regular consultation with qualified experts in the field of Mental Health Service provision, Psychotherapy and Education.
  • Opportunities to work jointly on new ideas, research and best practice
  • Discounted access to continuing professional development (CPD).
  • Managed office space
  • Discounted access to sessional therapy space
  • Access to Therapy Trainees and ECPT affiliate therapists
  • Enhanced recruitment of staff from ECPT affiliate network

ECPT will benefit from:

  • Access to high quality placements in a variety of practice contexts
  • Provision of supportive and appropriate first placements for students
  • Mutually enhancing current and real-world practice links
  • Opportunities to work jointly on new ideas, research and best practice
  • Longer term rental agreements and improved cashflow

ECPT and S2BH CIC seek, within the scope of this agreement, to:

  • Create mutual understanding of the strategy and business needs of both organisations to enable broader understanding for S2BH CIC of the benefits and opportunities of working with ECPT and assist ECPT’s understanding of the benefits and opportunities of working with S2BH CIC;
  • Identify synergies between S2BH CIC and ECPT where they relate to mutually beneficial business strategies;
  • Identify the potential for unilateral strategies within either S2BH CIC or ECPT that could be disadvantageous to either partners or its stakeholders and to seek solutions that, if not mutually beneficial, cause the least possible damage to the other party.
  1. Working Relationship Activities

The Working Relationship Specific activities developed through this partnership will be detailed in Annex A that will be appended to this MoU as and when S2BH CIC and ECPT agree to initiate joint activities.

The implementation, management and control mechanisms for each activity will be defined in Annex A and will include:

  • the scope of the activity
  • the type of activity
  • joint financial and resourcing arrangements
  • timescales
  • management
  • impact plan
  • peer review procedures
  • monitoring and evaluation processes.

Activities may include, but are not limited to:

  • sharing and development of relevant strategies,
  • mapping connections and priorities,
  • people exchange,
  • research syntheses to provide evidence for S2BH CIC decision-makers,
  • funding for collaborative projects to translate evidence into practice,
  • identification of opportunities for mutual use of facilities,
  • evaluating the benefit of ongoing collaboration, and
  • introductions to third parties that can assist in defining and scoping areas of interest to S2BH CIC.
  1. Management of the Partnership
  • The partnership will be overseen by a partnership Steering Board which will meet twice per annum.
  • A partnership manager appointed by ECPT will coordinate and strengthen the partnership, through building trust and optimising our mutually beneficial agreements.
  • Membership of the Steering Board will, currently, consist of; Laura Stead (Managing Director of S2BH) Hayley Jackson (Director of Business Development S2BH), Kathie Hostick (Director of Training at ECPT) Mike Hostick (Partnership Manager), One additional S2BH director on a rotational basis, additional representatives, selected as appropriate, to cover emerging areas of interest. The Steering Board will review the collaborative activities in Annex A and agree new activities based on the alignment of strategy and objectives, levels of engagement and commitment between the Parties, communications, forthcoming opportunities.
  1. Intellectual Property and Data

As part of any collaboration, intellectual property will be handled on a case-by-case basis, with the following basic governing principle:

  • IP will remain the property of the organisation which owns it, though licensing arrangements may be entered into as part of any project or programme;
  • IP pertaining to Training and Education owned by ECPT will remain the property of ECPT
  • Foreground IP developed jointly through partnership research or activities described in this agreement will be jointly owned and equally shared between ECPT and S2BH.
  • Licence conditions for foreground IP would be anticipated to allow ECPT to develop education and training products and S2BH to develop new client facing services.
  • Licence agreements will be developed with the aim of minimising the costs or complications arising.
  1. Commencement, duration and termination

The effective commencement date of this working relationship will be the date of the signing of this MoU and the working relationship shall remain in force for a period of 36 months from the commencement date. The working relationship can be terminated at any time by any Party following a consultation period of 30 (thirty) calendar days or such period as agreed otherwise between the parties and thereafter giving 30 (thirty) calendar days written notice of termination to the other Party. In such circumstances, ECPT will prepare an up to date statement of account if applicable. If applicable, and in accordance with this statement of account, the terminating Party will honour its share of committed expenditure. ECPT will repay to S2BH CIC any unused S2BH CIC funds.

The working relationship will not be automatically renewed and will be reviewed before the end date with a view to assessing delivery against the objectives set out in this MoU and whether a renewed working relationship aligns with the strategies and objectives of the Parties.

  1. Finance

Payments for services made by S2BH to ECPT will include a contribution towards the cost of partnership management.

The length of any commercial lease on office space is not governed by this agreement.

All financial arrangements including rents, room fees and partnership costs will be reviewed bi-annually by the steering board to ensure that financial arrangements and fees are visible, fair and competitive.

  1. Points of contact

Mike Hostick, Partnership Manager (ECPT) 861 Holderness Road hull, HU8 9BA

Laura Stead (S2BH)