What a difference a year makes….

I wanted to start this update by reflecting on the fact it is almost a year to the day since we launched Space2BHeard to the public. I am thinking about what I want to tell you and what I am really wondering is how many people reading this will relate to how I am feeling? Which is that I feel really conflicted about referring too many times to what a weird and difficult year it has been. I don’t want to refer to “it” too much, but I also know I may have to, given the undeniable impact “it” has had on just about everything! Back in March this year I am sure many of us didn’t really comprehend how long this would go on, the impact it would have on lives and how far the ripple effect of the pandemic would reach.

As a team of counsellors and psychotherapists we are very aware that, probably for the first time in most of our living memory we are sharing in the same experience as everyone else, at the same time. The content in each person’s story will be different but we have found that Covid-19 has been a great leveller and that many of us are carrying the same fears, burdens and struggles.

So, with that in mind I would like this update to shine the light on resilience, adapting and looking forward during times that we can quite easily feel overwhelmed.

Covid and the restrictions it has bought many businesses has been extremely difficult. We feel very lucky to have a brilliant team and partners and we were able to adapt our services for our patients and clients to online and telephone communication and as such were able to continue providing much needed contact and mental health support. More recently we have reinstated face to face sessions, safely within our delivery locations. This is in response to many of our service users needing that essential support, outside of their home and in a secure and safe environment. We intend to carry this on until we can one day return to full capacity.  With this in mind, we have expanded our locations and in the new year will be offering our service users the option to be seen in a new location on Beverley Road, we are very excited about this. As a team will have much more space to work from, however the lovely Ellesmere Centre will continue to be our second home and service users can still opt to be seen from there.

We continue to develop our plans for the future and it looks a bit like this:

  • A new Business Admin Apprentice will be starting with us in the new year to support Leanne in the front end of our business ensuring all our stakeholders are supported when engaging with Space2BHeard
  • Valued Minds have recently recruited 20 new volunteers on placement to offer low cost therapy options to those on low income
  • Gemma, our specialist in long term conditions and fellow Director has established an online group for patients living in the East Riding with long term conditions and pain to offer support, psychoeducation and social interaction
  • We continue to offer social value for our Hull City Council contract, in the new year this will include 2 free workshops delivered and funded by us for Hull City Staff to explore self-care, wellbeing and coping strategies
  • Space2BHeard, working with our partner The Ellesmere Centre will host work experience opportunities and career talks to local colleges in the new year to engage young people in careers in our sector
  • We are currently recruiting clinicians to grow the ReMind team to support our patients living with long term conditions
  • To date we have been able to use 12% of our profit to fund the running of our Valued Minds project and this year in to 2021 our other profit will be directed toward improving our sustainability and infrastructure which in turn will enable us to achieve our goals of engaging those in our community that need our services, creating outcomes and improving lives.

I hope this has given you a bit of a flavour of what we are doing and where we are going over the coming months.

We know that the last few months will have been particularly difficult for some and we take any opportunity to spread the word that mental health support is available as normal through the usual routes. Contact us if you would like more information on what you can access and we will help signpost you.

We miss seeing everyone like we used to and we are always keen to be contacted and keep make new partnerships despite our distance. Get in touch via hello@s2bh.org or call 01482 705023.

Take care and stay safe