About our Service
Quality counselling, psychotherapy and wellbeing tailored to your individual needs

Our Commitment to the people of Hull and surrounding areas.

Aim - A trusted people-led therapeutic wellbeing service shaped by our staff, volunteers and clients.
Helping people to be well by offering a positive environment that enables choice, improves experience and addresses mental health needs locally.

Space2BHeard Values vision and mission

Need - Life experiences can impact on mental health and wellbeing in different ways. To help people to be well, preventative support needs to be people-led, responsive to our community needs and boldly promote holistic wellbeing.


We strive to do the right thing
... always!

We uphold our ethical and professional standards at all times.

We are inclusive and embrace difference and diversity.

We are passionate believers in I’m OK, you’re OK as a central part of our ethos.

We communicate fearlessly!

We cultivate open and honest relationships built on trust, transparency, dignity and respect.

We drive change.

We are passionate about our community and seek to drive positive change for all.

We deliver our very best!

We are accountable, autonomous and strive towards the highest of standards.

Human's are central in
all we do!

We are human and so are you! We will embody all that this means!

Our community are at our core and are our most valuable asset!

Space2BHeard is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to provide high quality counselling, psychotherapy & wellbeing services to the people of Hull and the surrounding areas.

Our range of services includes Re-Mind Long Term Conditions & Long Covid Service, Valued Minds Low Cost Psychotherapy Service, workplace wellbeing, Let’s Talk Anxiety & Depression Service, Hull City Council Independent Staff Counselling Service. We also offer a range of private psychotherapists and counsellors.

We are continually seeking out fresh ideas based on our communities needs that inform how we develop new services.

We work in partnership with The Ellesmere Centre for Psychotherapy Training and share a common ethos and values aimed at enriching the lives of others through quality therapeutic provision.

We believe that individuals have the autonomy to make their own life choices and sometimes just need additional help in doing this; Our philosophy includes enabling, supporting, encouraging and facilitating people to reach their autonomous place.

Each year we produce an Impact Plan which includes information about the difference we have made to our community over the previous 12 month period. We are proud the share this information with you in the link below.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Re-Mind is an excellent service, I now look at life completely differently. I cannot praise the service I received enough & will always be grateful for the service and to Hayley for all her kindness and understanding.

Client Testimonial

I now have a greater understanding of my thought , actions and reactions. I have been treated with the greatest respect at all times.

Client Testimonial

Cherry is insightful and an incredible listener, and guides you and your emotions in a safe and structured way.

Client Testimonial

Very understanding service, showed empathy and compassion.

Client Testimonial

Everything about my experience was good!.

Client Testimonial

Relaxing environment, helpful friendly staff.

Client Testimonial

Trish the Psychotherapist - excellent

Client Testimonial

Since starting my therapy, I have recommended value minds to a number of my friends and family that are also seeking support. Being able to work with Hayley to battle my problems and not have to worry about the cost was such a relief. 

Client Testimonial


267 Beverley Rd
Hull, East Yorkshire

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