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S2BH provides an independent counselling service for Hull City Council staff.

The counselling is not limited to occupational issues and you are able to seek counselling support for personal issues outside of the workplace.   

You will be offered up to 5 sessions which includes the first assessment session.

Referral Routeway

You are under no obligation to inform anyone at your workplace that you are accessing counselling and you can refer yourself to us confidentially. 

If you would like to refer yourself please complete the referral form Hull City Council Employee Referral Form

Alternatively you can call us on 01482 705023 Space2BHeard will allocate you a therapist who will contact you to arrange an appointment within 10 days of you being referred.


You have a choice of the location of your sessions and can opt for online or telephone sessions or attend at one of our Space2BHeard sites in person:

Ellesmere Centre Holderness Road Hull    or The Ellesmere Centre Beverley Road Hull

You and your counsellor will arrange a mutually convenient time to meet. Your counsellor will not change unless in extenuating circumstances, if this occurs we will refer you to an alternative counsellor.

Your first session will be an assessment to establish what you would like to address through counselling.

Data Collection

You will be asked to complete some paperwork at the beginning and end of your treatment, this is to enable us to evaluate the effectiveness of your treatment.  All data that is collected will be anonymous We will feedback this data to Hull City Council.

About Us

Space2BHeard is a Community Interest Company (not for profit) and our aims are to deliver accessible and quality mental health services in our local community.

If you would like any further information or have any questions please call us on 01482 705023 Please check out our website to find out more about us We are also on Facebook   Instagram   Twitter and LinkedIn.

the therapy I received was empowering and life changing

S2BH are an absolute pleasure to work with, they are an extremely professional and very approachable company. Their approach to delivering a service amidst the confines of the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has been second to none

To date we have worked with 217 service users
with 73 % recovering from depression
0 %
72% recovering from anxiety
0 %
Note from the Space2BHeard Team

We look forward to working with you all soon .

Independent counselling service

Space2BHeard provides an independent counselling service to Hull City Council Employees. 

As an employee you can self-refer by telephone (01482 705023) or online using the Hull City Council Employee Referral Form

You will be contacted to arrange an initial appointment to take place within 10 days.

During the Coronavirus restrictions, telephone or online sessions are available.


267 Beverley Rd
Hull, East Yorkshire

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