How an anger therapist can help you regain control

Understanding anger and its impact

Anger is a natural emotion that everyone experiences from time to time. However, when anger becomes overwhelming or uncontrollable, it can significantly affect your quality of life, relationships, and overall well-being. Unmanaged anger can lead to various issues such as strained relationships, problems at work, and even health problems like high blood pressure and heart disease.

At Space2BHeard, we understand the complexities of anger and its impact on your life. Our team of skilled anger therapists is dedicated to helping you regain control over your emotions and improve your overall well-being.

How an Anger Therapist Can Help

Identifying Triggers and Patterns

The first step in managing anger is understanding what triggers it. An anger therapist can help you identify the specific situations, thoughts, or behaviours that lead to anger. By recognising these triggers, you can start to anticipate and manage your reactions more effectively.

Developing Coping Strategies

Once you understand your anger triggers, the next step is to develop coping strategies. An anger therapist will work with you to create a personalised plan that includes techniques such as deep breathing, mindfulness, and relaxation exercises. These strategies can help you stay calm and composed, even in situations that would typically provoke anger.

Improving Communication Skills

Often, anger arises from misunderstandings or communication breakdowns. An anger therapist can teach you effective communication skills that enable you to express your feelings and needs more clearly and assertively. Improved communication can help reduce conflicts and build healthier relationships with others.

Enhancing Emotional Regulation

Emotional regulation is the ability to manage and respond to your emotions in a healthy way. An anger therapist can help you develop better emotional regulation skills, allowing you to respond to situations thoughtfully rather than react impulsively. This can lead to more positive outcomes in both personal and professional settings.

Building Self-Awareness and Self-Compassion

Understanding and managing anger also involves developing greater self-awareness and self-compassion. An anger therapist can guide you in exploring the underlying emotions and thoughts that contribute to your anger. By cultivating self-awareness, you can gain insight into your behaviour and make conscious choices that align with your values and goals. Additionally, practising self-compassion can help you treat yourself with kindness and reduce self-criticism, which can often fuel anger.

Our Approach at Space2BHeard

At Space2BHeard, we take a holistic approach to anger management. Our anger therapists are trained in various therapeutic modalities, including cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), mindfulness-based therapy, and psychodynamic therapy. We tailor our approach to meet your unique needs and preferences, ensuring that you receive the most effective support.

We believe in creating a safe and non-judgmental environment where you can explore your emotions and develop new skills at your own pace. Our goal is to empower you to take control of your anger and lead a more fulfilling and balanced life.

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if you’re ready to take the first step towards managing your anger and improving your well-being, we’re here to help. Contact us at Space2BHeard to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced anger therapists. We offer a range of services, including individual therapy, group therapy, and workshops, to support you on your journey.

Reach out to us today to learn more about how our anger therapists can help you regain control and live a healthier, happier life. We look forward to supporting you on your path to emotional well-being.


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Re-Mind is an excellent service, I now look at life completely differently. I cannot praise the service I received enough & will always be grateful for the service and to Hayley for all her kindness and understanding.

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I now have a greater understanding of my thought , actions and reactions. I have been treated with the greatest respect at all times.

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Cherry is insightful and an incredible listener, and guides you and your emotions in a safe and structured way.

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Very understanding service, showed empathy and compassion.

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Everything about my experience was good!.

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Relaxing environment, helpful friendly staff.

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Trish the Psychotherapist - excellent

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Since starting my therapy, I have recommended value minds to a number of my friends and family that are also seeking support. Being able to work with Hayley to battle my problems and not have to worry about the cost was such a relief. 

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