At Space2BHeard CIC our Mission is all about providing the best therapeutic wellbeing services to our community that are responsive, trusted and people-centred.

If you know us, work with us or have had therapy with us we hope that you already know this.

But maybe you don’t and as therapists at our core we are naturally curious and consider what others experience of us may be.

With that said we have tasked ourselves with sharing the importance and meaning behind the 6 core Values of Space2BHeard CIC.

We make it our mission to embed these Values through all that we do, our amazing staff and volunteers share in these Values with us and uphold them to ensure that anyone who experiences Space2BHeard can expect and receive a level of support and care that is truly excellent quality and holds people and their importance at the centre of our work.

Here is what we mean when we talk about our Values:

Inclusive – Inclusive counselling is essential for creating a safe and supportive environment where individuals from all backgrounds feel respected, understood, and valued. Our inclusive counselling practices prioritise acknowledging and embracing the diversity of our clients, including their culture, ethnicity, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, abilities, and socioeconomic status.

Accessible – Accessible counselling encompasses various approaches aimed at ensuring that counselling services are available and effective for individuals with diverse needs, including those with disabilities, different cultural backgrounds, varying socioeconomic statuses, and other unique circumstances. For every one of our clients we consider Physical, Communication, Cultural, Financial, Technological and Trauma Informed accessibility needs and where possible we help overcome the barriers that can be in the way of accessing our services. Collaborative Decision Making with our clients is key and vital to our clients feeling ownership in their journey with us.

Authentic – Authentic counselling is grounded in genuine empathy, active listening, and a non-judgmental approach. For us it involves creating a safe space for our clients to feel free to explore their thoughts, feelings, and experiences without fear of criticism or rejection. In offering authentic counselling, our counsellors at Space2BHerad strive to understand the client’s perspective, values, and goals, and collaborate with them to navigate challenges and promote growth.

Caring – Caring is not just a technique or skill but a fundamental attitude and way of being for Space2BHeard counsellors, guiding their interactions and interventions with clients. All of our team are empathic, non judgemental and actively listen to their clients. Respect for others autonomy is essential in a caring relationship and you will always experience validation when telling your story and will be responded to with warmth and compassion.

Professional – Establishing trust is an essential part of the therapeutic relationship and forms the basis for the work we do together. You are more likely to feel safety and trust with a person or company that upholds their professional standards. At each stage of your journey at Space2BHeard we will endeavour to communicate effectively, collaborate with others and seek supervision and consultation when needed.

Collaborative – Collaborative counselling is all about working together to address challenges, set goals, and facilitate growth. At Space2BHeard you will work with your counsellor and form a relationship based on co-creativity and mutual respect to enable you to feel safe in your time with us.

What Values are important to you in your day to day life? How do you ensure you stay focused on your Values and what is important to you?

We would love to hear more about your experience and are always interested in hearing what you think about our ideas and work.

Get in touch at or on 01482 705023 if you would like to know more about our offerings.

Space2BHeard Values vision and mission
Space2BHeard Values vision and mission