Tips for Choosing a Therapist for Mental Health Group Therapy

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Choosing The Right Therapist
Choosing The Right Therapist

Understanding the Importance of Group Therapy

Group therapy offers a unique environment for personal growth and mutual support, which can be particularly beneficial for mental health. At Space2BHeard, we recognise the profound impact that mental health has on individuals and their surroundings. Our experience in providing a range of mental health services, including group therapy, has equipped us with the insight to guide you in choosing the right group therapist for your needs.

Why Choose Group Therapy?

  • Shared Experiences: Engaging with others who face similar challenges can foster a sense of belonging and understanding.

  • Diverse Perspectives: Group members bring different viewpoints, offering broader insights into personal issues.

  • Cost-Effective: Group therapy is often more affordable than individual therapy, making it accessible to more people.

Tips for Choosing the Right Group Therapist

  1. Check Credentials and Experience
    Ensure the therapist is licensed and has experience in group therapy dynamics. A therapist with a strong background in group therapy can effectively manage the unique interactions and challenges that arise in a group setting, ensuring a productive and supportive environment.
  2. Therapeutic Approach
    Different therapists use various approaches. Find one whose methodology aligns with your needs, as the right therapeutic approach can significantly influence your comfort and the effectiveness of the therapy.
  3. Group Composition
    Consider the makeup of the group. Groups with members facing similar issues can enhance the therapy’s effectiveness by providing relatable experiences and a sense of shared understanding.
  4. Size of the Group
    The size can impact the level of personal attention and the dynamics of the group. Choose a size that feels comfortable for you, as a smaller group might offer more personalised interaction, while a larger group can provide diverse perspectives.
  5. Safety and Confidentiality
    A safe and confidential environment is crucial. Ensure the therapist upholds these principles to create a space where you can share openly and feel secure in the knowledge that your privacy is respected.
  6. Accessibility and Convenience
    Consider the location and schedule of the sessions to ensure they fit into your life. Choosing a conveniently located group or one with a schedule that aligns with yours can reduce stress and make regular attendance more feasible.
  7. Initial Consultation
    Many therapists offer a preliminary meeting. Use this to gauge your comfort level with the therapist and group, as this initial interaction can provide valuable insights into the group’s dynamics and the therapist’s style.

Our Commitment at Space2BHeard

At Space2BHeard, we are dedicated to supporting mental health and wellbeing through various services, including group therapy. Our approach is tailored to meet individual and organisational needs, ensuring a supportive and effective therapeutic experience. We offer:

  • Supportive Supervision: For teams in health and social care settings, providing professional support and learning.
  • Workshops: Themed workshops for employees to improve mental health and wellbeing.
  • Tailored Wellbeing Events: Customised programs to address specific organisational needs.
  • Counselling Packages: Focused sessions for dealing with anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues.
  • Mental Health Champions: Supporting mental health first aiders in the workplace.
  • Workplace Managers Enhancement Programme: Using Transactional Analysis to improve workplace dynamics.
  • One to One Coaching: For employees needing a more business-focused intervention.
  • Myers Briggs Personality Sessions: To increase self-awareness and improve team dynamics.
  • NLP Workshops: Neuro-Linguistic Programming workshops for personal and professional development.

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Choosing the right group therapist is a significant step towards better mental health. At Space2BHeard, we are here to guide and support you through this journey. Contact us to learn more about our group therapy options and how we can tailor them to your needs. Let us help you find the right path to mental wellness.

Choosing Space2BHeard means opting for a team that values compassion, professionalism, and confidentiality. Our therapists are not only highly qualified but also deeply committed to your wellbeing. We understand the courage it takes to seek help, and we are here to support you with respect and empathy.


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Re-Mind is an excellent service, I now look at life completely differently. I cannot praise the service I received enough & will always be grateful for the service and to Hayley for all her kindness and understanding.

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I now have a greater understanding of my thought , actions and reactions. I have been treated with the greatest respect at all times.

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Cherry is insightful and an incredible listener, and guides you and your emotions in a safe and structured way.

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Very understanding service, showed empathy and compassion.

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Everything about my experience was good!.

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Relaxing environment, helpful friendly staff.

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Trish the Psychotherapist - excellent

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Since starting my therapy, I have recommended value minds to a number of my friends and family that are also seeking support. Being able to work with Hayley to battle my problems and not have to worry about the cost was such a relief. 

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